How common is it for someone to need an endoscopy?

Depends. In asia, every patient over the age of 40 routinely undergoes endoscopy due to the high incidence of stomach cancer. In the United States where the stomach cancer is much less common, patients only do endoscopy if they have symptoms like acid reflux, weight loss, gastrointestinal bleeding, food getting caught or a strong family history of stomach cancer..
Can be. Commonly performed procedures. Best screening test for colon polyps and cancer; generally recommended to have @ age 50, unless family history, other risk factors, or symptoms, e.g. Bleeding, pain, diarrhea. Upper endoscopy to evaluate persistent heartburn, or symptoms consistent with ulcer, esophageal reflux, stomach or duodenal ulcer, cancer, etc.

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How common is it for someone to need a capsule endoscopy?

Depends on the reaso. Capsule endoscopy is a useful noninvasive procedure to look at the small intestine. The frequency of its use depends on the indication. The most common indications are concern for a bleeding source in the small intestine, or concern for polyps/cancer, or crohn's disease. For these indications, it is used pretty often. Read more...
Sometimes. Capsule endoscopy is very useful to help diagnose causes for anemia, small intestinal polyps, or inflammatory bowel disease. Read more...