Should a patient with a history of ER visits with episodes diagnosed as or resembling sirs, as shown on profile, see an infectious disease specialist due to history? Or wait until next ER visit?

Best Medicine. The emergency room is the worst place to get ongoing medical care for a chronic problem. You want someone to know your whole history and all of the testing and treatments you have had. The er is designed for acute problems and is not a good place to return to for primary care of a condition. Please get to the infectious disease specialist or your family doctor.
Neither. Sirs isn't really a diagnosis. It's a collection of abnormalities on exam and lab studies. It could be a sign of infection, and in the hospital that's what we are trying to find. I'm guessing that they've never found one. We also see sirs criteria met by patients with other types of diseases, especially rheumatological diseases. You listed some abnormal rheum labs ...May need rheum doc.