Is there a cure for hyperlipidemia?

Depends. If the hyperlipidemia is fairly mild, weight loss, diet and exercise can cure it. If it is severe, particularly if you have a genetic predisposition, then it cannot be cured. In that case, diet, exercise, and weight control are still very important to help control the hyperlipidemia, and supplements can play a role as well. Medication is often necessary however.
Maybe. Hyperlipidemias, several types, often have a genetic component. So, a cure is often not possible. However, these disorders can be reduced by an appropriate diet and complementary exercise regimen. If not helpful alone, there are several safe, effective prescription medications. A visit to your primary doctor is a great first step toward developing an effective strategy. Good luck!
It really depends .. If u eat wright by avoiding junk food , exercise and take u medications even if u don't get cured completely at least u may not have any negative consequences.
Depends on the Type. Cure depends on cause of Hyperlipidemia.The Genetic or Primary Hyperlipidemia can not be cured but can be treated some successfully and others not But Aquired Hyperlipidemias can be cured if you treat the underlying condition Treat the cause, Diabetes ,Nephrotic Syndrome,Hypothroidism etc Life style changes By combination of Diet,Exercise and medications like statins,fibrates&NicotinicAcid etc.