I have a C5 herniation. What is the recommended treatment for pain management? Surgery? Chiropractor? Physical therapy?

Depends. Surgery maybe recommended if you are having weakness. If no true weakness conservative treatment with osteopathic manipulation, chiropractic manipulation, and/or physical therapy may all help. Often a short course of steroids may be appropriate. Other medications that may help include anti-inflammatories and medications such as neurontin, Lyrica (pregabalin) and flexeril.
Neck pain. The neck pain can be caused by muscle strain, spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, nerve impingement ... The treatment might include exercise, massage, physical therapy, medication, injections ... I recommend you seeking help from a pain specialist. You might benefit from a comprehensive evaluation from a pain management physician.
C5 herniation. C5 is commonly injured in most cases. It can cause sympts up to the thumb if pressing on the nerve root. Avoid chiropractors (lot of online info available). Physical therapy is a must. Surgery if there is weakness or numbness in the hand or any gait problems. Most disc heal by themselves. Avoid prolonged neck flexion (looking down), avoid pillows for now. Avoid jerky movements.
See orthopedic Dr. Should see an orthopedic specialist first to possible have MRI to determine severity and extent of your herniation. The treatment and therapy often depends upon the issue.