Triglycerides 165 HDL 34, what is my risk?

Increased. Triglycerides that are high and HDL that is low are markers for increased risk of heart disease. I assume that these are fasting levels because non-fasting levels are inaccurate. Even though these numbers show increased risks, you can reverse your risk and improve the numbers. Regular exercise, decreased fats in diet, weight loss if needed and omega-3-fatty acids can all help.
Elevated. Your triglycerides are slightly high. Your HDL is too low. Your risk depends on your age and your ldl, etc. Eat a low fat, plant based diet.
High due to LDL-P. High triglycerides (tg) and low hdl-c are markers for high LDL particle number (ldl-p). As tg rise ldl-p rises. However, when tg is high the amount of cholesterol carried by LDL particles goes down. This often results in "normal" LDL cholesterol (ldl-c) and low hdl-c levels despite high (ldl-p). When ldl-p is high cardiovascular risk is high independent of ldl-c, hdl-c, tg levels.
Elevated. When the HDL is low and tg are high, we worry about atherogenesis. The LDL ends up small and dens and the HDL is dysfunctional.