What are the most common symptoms of genital herpes?

Discomfort. Painful ulcers in the genital area. Herpes virus lives in the nerves of the body and will cause recurrent ulcers in the same area repeatedly.
No symptoms. Most w/ herpes have no symptoms. Yet 80% of those 18-50 years old will have blood tests positive for herpes. When women with mild symptoms of occasional symptoms of vaginal irritation are tested, many times herpes is the reason.

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How common is it for a woman to contract genital herpes but have no symptoms until years later?

Possible. Statistically one out of three people have the herpes virus. Not everyone develops lesions. It is very difficult to determine when someone has contracted the virus. Read more...
Very common. Many people carry this virus for years without knowing it. Many of them have recurring symptoms which are not recognized. At least 25% of them have recurring herpes on the buttock or back. Why do you ask? What are the DETAILS? Read more...