My mom gets carpal tunnel syndrome, so am I likely to get it later?

It depend. Carpel tunnel effect the people in young age because the kind of work they do, so if you do not have repetitive motion( kind work )most likely you will not have it.
Possibly. Many things contribute to the development of cts. Heredity is the most important factor. Carpal tunnels are smaller in some people, and this trait can run in families. Hand use over time and hormonal changes related to pregnancy can play a role. Typing may aggravate cts but it doesn't cause it! advanced age and medical conditions such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis can also play a role.
Possibly. It is most common in women of middle age who are overweight and it does tend to run in families.

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My mom has carpal tunnel syndrome and her hand is swollen. Is this normal?

Yes. Carpal tunnel is caused by swelling in the wrist causing pressure on the median nerve. Swelling from some other reason is what often causes carpal tunnel syndrome. Read more...
Well . Well carpal tunnel for one thing is associated with numbness in the hand. By numbness many people mean decreased sensation or tingling and it frequently occurs in the thumb, index and middle fingers and part of the ring finger. Weakness can occur especially in the thenar muscles, the large muscle group at the palm thumb side of your hand. Swelling in fingers can also be present. Read more...