What's a simple, cheap treatment for my wheezing?

Asthma Rx. Asthma (wheezing) is a serious condition and needs proper treatment. Some of the commonly recommended home treatments (like caffeine or vitamin c) are not effective enough for safety. The best treatment is albuterol (either tablet or inhaler). The best prices are at walmart, where the tablets cost: albuterol 2mg tab $4 for 90 tablets $10 for 270 tablets; 4mg $4 for 60 tablets $10 for 180.
None. Asthma is a complex medical disease that is potentially life threatening. Management of asthma requires a thorough evaluation to verify that asthma is the correct diagnosis, identify trigger and develop a treatment plan. Depending upon severity of asthma treatment may be using brochodilators as needed or a complex combination of inhaled steroids, bronchodilators and / or other meds.