Male, 40, had CT scan of abdomen after an intense pain on right side. Report says atheromatous calcification of bilateral iliac arteries. Is that ok?

Atherosclerosis. Calcific atherosclerosis in a 40 year old male is not a positive sign of health. This may reflect severe, uncontrolled (or likely unknown) hypercholesterolemia or latent diabetes. This individual needs to see his physician and get his vascular health assessed.
Its about the future. 1st, it didn't cause abdominal pain. 2nd, if no sores on feet & walking well then it isn't dangerous and doesn't need treatment now. Athero is ubiquitous, but age 40 is early to see it. Its about slowing it down for the future. NEVER SMOKE ANOTHER CIGARETTE! Take blood press meds & diabetes meds if needed, aspirin daily if ok with doc, healthy diet, cholesterol pills, exercise. Hope this helps.