Should I see a specialist for bulimia nervosa, or can my regular doctor take care of it?

Bulimia Nervosa. I would see a specialist, a psychiatrist who specializes in this problem.
Who is your doc? Hi, i don't know your regular dr. But most general physicians don't have expert experience to diagnose or treat bulimia nervosa. You do need to ask your dr.If they are comfortable-if not, the appropriate profesionals would be psychologists, psychiatrists, general medicine, bariatric physicians, endocrinology etc.I would prefer that a knowledgeable eating disorder healthcare team provide care.
It depends. A psychiatrist is the optimal physician to treat bulimia nervosa. However, your primary care physician should be equipped to treat it as well. How pervasive is your disease? If your bulimia nervosa is severe and taking over your daily life, i recommend seeing a psychiatrist for optimal, specialized care. Wishing you'all the best.