What diseases can you get from kissing?

Several diseases. Most well known is viral mononucleosis (kissing disease) another virus cytomegalovirus (cmv).Other microbes also spread through saliva and stick to surfaces of the cheeks and mouth, the tongue, or teeth. Bacterium streptococcus, which can cause an array of infections, including gum disease and strep throat;hpv(human papilloma virus) also transmitted by oral sex.

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What diseases/illnesses can you get from kissing besides mono?

MANY. Almost all disease that are contagious can be transmitted by kissing, especially where saliva is exchanged. some of them are: infectious mono, strept throat, chicken pox, HIV ( not transmitted if only kissing cheeks and lips superficially), Herpes simplex 1&2, and i could go on! Read more...