Can a kidney stone cause groin pain months before passing?

Not likely. Kidney stones may indeed be present for months before passing and may produce intermittent pain which is usually felt in the flank when the stone is retained in the kidney or in the anterior abdomen when the stone is retained in the bladder. Stones in the ureter cause pain which radiates into the groin but stones don't hang out there forever. Search for another cause of your pain.
Kidney stone. Usually the pain associated with a kidney stone is severe and intense until it passes. There is generally not weeks or month of discomfort, so other causes need to be investigated if you have groin pain.

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I have a 3mm kidney stone just found by ultra sound. I do not have any back pain but I do have groin pain on the right side. How long to pass a stone?

Position. It all depends on the position of the stone. Given that you had an ultrasound exam i suspect the stone was found in a nonobstructing position in your kidney. These stones (at the size you mentioned especially) are rarely painful when located in the kidney. Ct scan would likely be necessary to determine if a stone is present in the ureter. Read more...

Can 2cm kidney stone cause erectile dysfunction and groin pain on that same side?

Here are some ... A 2-cm kidney stone with no symptom would not affect your ability to erect penis for sex. However, its potentially related events such as severe pain, sepsis, use of pain medications, etc. will temporarily affect erection to a degree. That is naturally expected in life. Remember: Life is a changing, adjusting process of constant struggle to cope with reality, certainty, & uncertainty for survival. Read more...