My almost 21 mo old is sneezing and has watery eyes much like my older kids' allergies. Is a smaller dose of Claritin (loratadine) okay for her? It's bad day/night

Remove the allergen. She may have perennial allergies to pets or dust mites. It would be best not to use systemic medication in such a young infant. Try to find out what her allergies are (have the older ones been tested?) and remove the allergen from the environment.
Get checked. See your pediatrician . He may have a cold instead . Allergies at this young age unlikely ,

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I took a Claritin (loratadine) this morning and 2 hours later no relief. Watery eyes, and that constant feeling I need to sneeze. Can I take anything else?

Nasal steroid. Nasal steroid is far more effective than antihistamine in relieving nasal symptoms but it does take a few days for it to give you optimal benefits. Nasal antihistamine , which requires a Rx, works much faster. If you don't get enough relief from both of the above, an allergy consult would be a good option. Read more...