What are the most common symptoms of beta blocker overdose?

Low heart rate... Beta-blockers are used in the treatment of high blood pressure and some forms of tachyarrythmias (ie high heart rate rhythmn problems). An overdose of these medicines typically results in low heart rate and low blood pressure, which may be life-threatening, depending on the drug and dosage ingested. It is necessary to be evaluated in the er and possibly admitted for continued cardiac monitoring.
See under. Airways and lungs , breathing trouble, no breathing, wheezing (in people who have asthma), eyes, ears, nose, and throat , blurred vision, double vision heart and blood , irregular heartbeat, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, heartbeat - rapid or slow , heart failure, shock, nervous system , coma, confusion, convulsions, drowsiness, excessive sweating, fever nervousness, weakness please call 911 .