Having a broncho-constriction everyday at night with cough but no sputum, started two weeks ago after an upper respiratory tract infection, what to do?

Lung function test. There can be prolonged inflammation in the lung following an infection. Your symptoms indicate that you may have post viral broncho constriction. Your physician may order a pulmonary function test to determine if you have reactivity of the airway. I would suggest a flu vaccine if there are no reasons in your medical history not to obtain one.
Cough. You may have developed bronchitis as a complication of your upper respiratory infection. Make an appointment with your doctor for follow-up to see if you have bronchitis or pneumonia.

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No until you. have tried simpler "treatment"...eg: HUMIDIFIER.....and non-cortisone containing cough medication eg: Robitussin (guaifenesin) (OTC) It takes a while during this season (summer colds) for cough's to go away! Hope this helps! Dr Z. Read more...