I had 2 root canal done thursday today is sunday and 1 of the teeth is still sensitive to touch and chew should I be wory something is wrong?

Take Advil (ibuprofen) Not uncommon. If you don't start feeling relief, you should have the tooth checked to see if it is hitting high.
Probably healing. The sensitive tooth is probably still healing from the procedure... it can last for a week, and sometimes a bit longer. Consult with your dentist if it does not seem to be getting any better.
Not unusual. Ned to check with your doctor but sometimes a mild swelling in the bone can elevate the tooth and result in soreness. If there's residual infection, then appropriate antibiotics are recommended. Rarely, a fracture of the root is the cause. If you are a bruxer, make sure you do not grind on the treated tooth and call you doctor.
Probably not. After a root canal therapy, it is common for a tooth to be sensitive for 1-2 weeks. The end of the tooth is in a natural healing mode. Taking 1-aspirin + 1-tylenol is very effective for relief of this discomfort. Also using a warm moist compress on the side of the face next to this tooth helps these tissues heal and make it feel better for you.