I had two root canals on thursday and one of the teeth is very sensitive to the touch. Is there something to be worriedabout?

No. If endodontics is performed properly, at the very end of the root inflammation results. This is called apical pericemtitis. It can vary greatly in degree depending on the disease state of the pulp and the difficultly degree of the root canal. Pressure sensitivity can range from none to severe. It can last from a few days to months, depending. Anti- inflammatories, as advil, alleve, or tylenol (acetaminophen) wor.
Common. Post operative sensitivity following root canal therapy is common and unpredictable. It should however be getting better with each passing day. If that is not the case or if there is swelling you need to contact the dentist that performed the root canal.
Not yet. Certainly feel free to ask your treating Dentist, but it often takes weeks / months for some teeth to fully recover. Actually what you are feeling is likely the ligament inflammation. Be sure to have the bite checked, as you may still be hitting on it too hard. Remember to get the build-ups and crowns soon if recommended- don't want to split the teeth. Time +ibuprofen+ see Dentist. Good Luck.
It is normal. for your tooth to be sore after your root canal treatment. Root canal treatment removes the inflamed or infected tissue inside of the tooth, but the tissues that support your tooth need time to heal. Most pain experienced after root canal treatment should diminish in 4-6 weeks.
Not Necessarily. Post operative pain is not uncommon. Can't tell if you had an infection or if you were in pain before your procedure since your post has so little information. If the pain cannot be handled by OTC pain meds or does not resolve in a day or two, call your dental provider.
Common. After a root canal therapy, it is common for a tooth to be sensitive for 1-2 weeks. The end of the tooth is in a natural healing mode. Taking 1-aspirin + 1-tylenol is very effective for relief of this discomfort. Also using a warm moist compress on the side of the face next to this tooth helps these tissues heal and make it feel better for you.