Will stress stop me from going on my vacation?

Stress. Please don't let it. Vacations have been proven to reduce stress, and people who take vacations are healthier than those who don't.
Go! People go on vacation to reduce stress. Pack your bag and go! If possible, don't make it a work vacation. Try to stay away from work related stuffs (easier said than done).
Relax on vacation. Worry less on vacation. Here's 5 tips to help overcome traveler's tummy, jet lag, etc: 1) Ginger capsules right before you travel may delay nausea & helps recovery; 2) Try Entrain, Jet Lag Rooster, JetLag Genie apps for jet lag; 3) To avoid traveler's diarrhea--boil it, cook it, peel it, or forget it; 4) Pack wipes for the plane; 5) Stretch often & drink plenty of water on plane. (Ref. AARP, 9/14)
Vacation for stress. First of all: what in you and your life make you not tolerate life load anymore? Do you have already a good healthy life-style? Enough time to sleep and exercise? Exercise drains tension out of your brain into thin air and you come home relaxed "refuelled" for another day. No vacation (1w-2w-1mo?) replace long term years of disciplined healthy life style. Talk to a good doctor!