I heard that vaccines cause autism. I am thinking of foregoing vaccines.

Put This To Bed. Immunizations may be the single safest, most effective heath intervention produced in the last 100 years. They are proven to be 99% effective, safe and haved saved literally millions of children's lives. There is no scientific evidence that any vaccine causes autism and huge amounts of independent research proving that that they do not cause autism. Immunize!
No. By now, it has been proven that the vaccine/autism connection was a massive fraud. Depriving your child of protection from life-threatening illnesses like measles, mumps, and whooping cough might be a tough decision, but outbreaks of these same diseases now are infecting your family, neighbors, and friends. "herd" immunity is the term used to protect everyone by vaccinating those at risk.
No. This is completely untrue, and has been demonstrated so by analysis of large data sets. There is no connection between vaccines and autism. Vaccines are one of the greatest advances in human medicine, and are a critical part of health both individually at an a community level.
No. Large clinical studies have proven beyond any doubts that vaccine do not cause autism. Please don't forgo them for you or your infants health.
Outbreaks. While vaccines do not cause autism (this has been shown conclusively!), the lack of vaccines does indeed cause outbreaks of diseases like measles with the result being unnecessary deaths from completely preventable diseases. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/measles_outbreaks_in_the_2000s.
No. There is no question that vaccines do not cause autism. We are lucky that we live in an era that is not plagued by small pox and polio. Talk to anyone who was a young adult before the 1950's and you will hear how frightening polio was. It is easy to forego vaccines if everyone else continues to get them because you will still benefit from 'herd immunity.
No. Absolutely not! the tiny initial study by wakefield many years ago was later discovered to be funded by antivaccine attorneys without disclosure in the paper. It was later retracted by the lancet, and global research was never able to duplicate his findings. Many children have suffered from measles encephalitis and pertussis in the wake of these allegations.
Ask mom & grandma. Unvaccinated children became autistic just as frequently as do vaccinated children. Leaving children unprotected against life-threatening & life-crippling disease may be the most grievous error of parenting. Today's parents did not live in an era when childhood scourges like measies & meningitis were more frightening then the fear of autism. But don't ask us - ask your parents & grandparents.
Bad idea. Vaccines don't cause autism, this has been shown in multiple studdies over the last 10 years. Vaccine preventable illness are absolutely fatal.
Please reconsider. You heard wrong. Studies have disproved any link. Consider watching your child die from hib meningitis, have a stroke at age 4 from varicella encephalitis, be in a hospital on breathing machines for weeks with whooping cough. All of these things are still out there and can happen to your unvaccinated child. Make a decision to save and protect your child, not play russian roulette with infections!
Don't be foolish. Vaccines do not cause autism. You are putting your child, and others, at risk for deadly and crippling illnesses.
Take a GOOD look... This is a child with chickenpox. Chickenpox can KILL. It can also lead to brain damage, lung damage, seizures, and permanent disfigurement. Not just in your children, but in other children. It's MUCH WORSE if an unimmunized child gets it as an adult. They not infrequently wind up in the ICU or dead. Do you want that on your conscience?