Failed to mention in an earlier question that I have flat feet. About to do some serious walking at disney. Are new balance shoes a good idea?

Can be. I personally love new balance. However, what i love most about them is the many types of shoes they make for many types of feet, as well as insoles. Plus living near the outlet is nice. The most important thing is finding a pair of shoes of any brand and/or orthotics that work for you. Footwear experts, especially at stores that cater to runners...Or doctors specializing in foot/ankle can help.
Arch support. The biggest concern about flat feet is potentially the pain that can be associated with them. The brand of shoe may not be as important as getting the arch support. Over time, the arch support can be increased as necessary but do that slowly. If your feet dont hurt at this time, simply wear comfortable shoes.
Good walking shoes. Go to a store that specializes in shoes for running and walking. They can evaluate your feet and fit you for a shoe that will give you the optimum support. It's best not to decide on a brand of shoe until you have a chance to try on different types, and work with a sales person who knows about all the brand names. Good support shoes can help take strain from your back as well as help your feet.
Shoes. New balance and ascics are great options. A new shoe is very important to decrease pain, but sometimes a special insert or orthotic can be even more helpful than a new shoe.
Yes. New balance are one of the most recommended shoes by orthopaedic foot and ankle specialists. However, make sure they fit your feet properly and don't go for the bottom or the top of the line. The bottom line shoes use cheaper materials, the top of the line have technology most people don't need. You may also want to consider a high quality over the counter orthotic.