Hello sir, I am having mild mitral valve prolapse with mild regurgitation. What will be my lifespan. What are the chances of progressing this condition?

Mitral. Mild mitral valve prolapse is very common in thin women especially but please see a cardiologist for an echo to determine the severity.
Cannot Be Certain. Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to your questions. Mitral valve prolapse can progress. If the mitral regurgitaion (mr) remains mild, then there should be little-if-any impact on life span. However, if it progresses and leads to severe mr, there can be a serious impact to quality of life and life span. Follow-up is critical, so see a cardiologist regularly to answer your questions.
Very good life. Reduce your risk factors by good cardiovascular behavior. Good dental hygiene avoid infections regular followup and echo may need valve repair along the way but well tolerated and good duration!

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Hello sir, I am having mild mitral valve prolapse with mild regurgitation. I want to know whether I will die soon or not. I am 19 year old male.

Unlikely an issue. At your age you are hundreds of times more likely to die in a car crash than from complications of mild mitral prolapse/regurgitation. Most will lead very productive lives. The choice is yours. Read more...
Unlikely. Annual followups should be done. If the prolapse and leakage worsens valve repair or replacement are options to improve situation for many years. No smoking no IV drugs attention to dental care and procedures to avoid infections. Read more...