Will adding cereal to my baby's bottle at night help him sleep better?

OLD WIVES TALE. It has been claimed that feeding baby with cereals in bottle make them sleep better. Recent studies have shown that baby;s given the formula or brest milk does make them sleep as long or longer than those given cereals According to American Academy of Pediatrics solid should not be given to the baby till 6months age, This habit can cause Obese Babies Food Allergies Choking Poor Sleeping Habits.
No. No, because three weeks is too young for cereal. It is believed that adding rice cereal to the bedtime feeding makes a baby feel fuller for a longer time. So, a baby sleeps better at night. It is ok to add some cereal this way, if the baby is over 4 months old and still not sleeping 6-7 hours at night. Parents should be sure to put the baby down at bedtime and let him fall asleep on his own.
No. This is a common myth, and there is no direct relationship between cereal and sleeping. However, in babies with acid reflux (gerd) thickening the feeds with cereal may decrease the reflux, which can lessen their pain and might allow them to rest better.