We are looking for the best treatment options for my 14 year old son who has genu valgum and flat feet. We have insurance and live in tx.

See an expert. Varying degrees of genu valgum and flat feet, particularly if asymptomatic can be left alone. If more severe or symptomatic seek expert opinions. Dallas, houston and austin all have excellent pediatric orthopaedic surgeons (david podeszwa in dallas and robert dehne are options).
Depends. It depends on how flat his feet are as well as how much genu valgum he has. Minimally flat feet and mild genu valgum don't need therapy. Seeing a good pediatric orthopedist at your local children's hospital is the first step.
Orthotics. May be helpful. There is also a surgical procedure that can treat the flat foot.
See Orthopod. Sounds like something that should be evaluated by a professional. Your child is an adolescent and falls on the border between pediatric orthopedic surgeon and foot/ankle surgeon. See one of those.