Had lumpectomy last year on left breast idc stage1 grade 2/ radiation now have small invasive cancer finding on right breast. Is it time for masectomy?

Possibly. Did you have brca testing? If not, you should. If brca testing shows a deleterious mutation, i would definitely recommend bilateral mastectomy. If brca is normal, mastectomy is a good option, but could still consider lumpectomy and radiation.
Have U Had BRCA? Deciding between breast conservation vs. Mastectomy is never easy in this situation. Favoring lump-x is the obvious less-invasive nature of the surgery; mastectomy gives you the piece of mind of no more mammograms & a very low risk of a 3rd breast ca. Since you have bilateral cancer beginning at 44, you should have a brca test before deciding; if (+), most would opt for mastectomy.
Excellent question. Years ago i would have said yes. The worry is that your particular breast tissue is obviously prone to forming breast ca. However, recently there have been some studies showing improved outcome with lumpectomy and radiation vs. Mastectomy. It may be that the radiation to the breast is improving the outcome. Best to talk to your oncologist and surgeon. http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/tre.