Is prostate surgery the best decision for prostate cancer?

It depends. There are several approaches for the treatment of localized prostate. You have choice. Radiation and surgical removal of the prostate ae the standards of care. You have choice. A discussion with a radiation oncologist and a urologist would be appropriate.
Not necessarily. While removal of the prostate is an excellent treatment option for many, especially with advances in robotic surgery with reduction in complications in the post operative period, some men choose less invasive external beam radiation or implantation of radioactive seeds. You should speak with your urologist about your options and success/complication rates of each prior to choosing.
Depends. Surgery is the gold standard. Treatments have different side effects. Warren buffett decided radiation was best for him. However, if he was younger, he may have chosen a different treatment. So you see, there is no ultimate answer.
Treatment Options. There are multiple modalities available for prostate cancer treatment, that can be used in combination these days. Depending upon the stage and spread of cancer, surgery is usually a part of treatment plan but may also include radiation therapy, androgen (hormonal) therapy and sometimes chemotherapy. Surgical treatment only is reserved in cases of very local cancer with no outside spread at all.

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What types of surgery are available for men with prostate cancer?

Open or robotic. Open prostatectomy: longest track record, more blood loss, more hospital stay, laparoscopic or robotic (da vinci): minimally invasive, less track record, less blood loss, less hospital stay either case, make sure your surgeon, performs many of these operations per year.
Two. A radical prostatectomy is surgery to remove the prostate for localized prostate cancer. These can be done through a regular incision or via multiple laparoscopic ports and a robotic assist. Although the robot is very sexy now, there is little data to support it being better than standard surgery. The key to either technique is an experienced surgeon.
Multiple. Robotic or laparoscopic surgery, perineal (under the scrotum), or open surgery are multiple ways to remove the prostate.

How is surgery used in the treatment of prostate cancer?  

Removal of prostate. Surgery for prostate cancer is called a radical prostatectomy. This includes entirely removing the prostate gland with its surrounding structures and then reconstructing the bladder to the urethra again. After surgery, no ostomy or external permanent bag is neccessary. Pelvic lymph nodes may or may not be removed at the same time depending on the clinical findings.
CUT TO CURE!!! It is important to realize that the aim of surgery it to remove the cancerous prostate. There is no good evidence that robotic removal is superior to nonrobotic removal in terms of prostate cancer cure, erectile function or incontinence. In the hands of a good surgeon both techniques are comparable but most surgeons are best at one technique or the other, rarely both.
Prostate removal. There are 3 kinds of surgery for prostate cancer: radical prostatectomy nerve sparing prostatectomy & robotic prostatectomy all 3 procedures remove the prostate gland and have special refinements in the process. Surgery is used for cancer that can be surgically removed.

Anyone use robotic surgery to remove prostate cancer?

Many. Many medical centers, especially university medical centers are using robotic surgery for prostate cancer.
Yes. Find someone who has done thousands of cases. Check us at texasroboticsurgery. Com.
Most urologists. The rate of robotic surgery among prostatectomy operations in the us is now over 90%.
Prostatectomy. All the time. In fact, in many hospitals, 80-90% of the prostatectomies are performed robotically. It is generally accepted as the standard these days.

If prostate cancer is diagnosed, should I have active surveillance, radiotherapy or surgery?

Ask your doctor. The answer to the ustinov depends on many factors including age, general health, gleason score, psa level, your preference given the different side effects of he different treatments. This needs to be discussed with your urologist.
It depends. Studies suggest that there is no one answer for everyone. Get multiple opinions. Remember surgeons will tend to recommend surgery, radiation therapist will tend to recommend radiation and nihilistswill recommend doing nothing. Take your time and do your research. Prostate cancer is slooooooow growing. It probably took over 10 years to manifest itself. 6 months of deliberation is not unreasonable.
TX for Prostate ca. You should choose based on the sideeffects of treatment and how these would impact ur lifestyle. Observation is used for stable psa, older pts with other health issues. Surgery or xrtare both good options with very different se. Discuss these with ur doctor or find a doctor who can still speak english to explain ur options. Its a big decision and I like my pts to be happy with whatever they choose.

When prostate cancer has spread around the outer part of the prostate is it serious what's the survival rate? Can it be removed? Surgery?

Depends. Depends on the stage of the cancer and where it has spread, it might be serious if spread to certain parts like liver, lungs, brain. Five year survival rate is over 90% but if the disease has metastatic un hopefully the rate drops into 30%
Tell us more. The choice of treatment, (between Surgery or Radiotherapy depends on the stage of Cancer. What is the stage according to your urologist? It is probably stage-3 in which Radiotherapy combined with Anti-androgenic therapy is often preferred over Surgery (Prostatectomy). Give us some follow up info.

84yrs old male. Diagnosed w/ prostate cancer dr said can't do biopsy or surgery he has 7.50 is this the 3 stage is it why dr don't recommend surgery?

Not worth worry. If the value you sent of 7.50 is a psa test result then you can not actually say it is due to prostate cancer. But most people with prostate cancer live >10 years without any treatment. So at age 84, there is no good reason to do any biopsies etc and take the risk of complications!
Prostate cancer. An 84 year old with a psa of 7 could have prostate cancer; cannot say without a biopsy. If a person has less than 10 years to live due to health issues psa may not be in that pts best interest; prostate cancer is very common in men aged 80+. A very healthy 80+ year old may benefit from psa testing and treatment but this is a very complex discussion.
Unclear. I'm uncertain how your doctor knows you have prostate cancer if he was unable to do a prostate biopsy? This is the only reliable way of knowing if prostate cancer is present.

How well does laser surgery in prostate cancer work?

Laser-not for cancer. Laser surgery is for the treatment of an enlarged prostate, not prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is treated in one of many ways but not laser.