My boyfriend just got circumcised how long will he have to wait until he can have sex?

Until it heals. Any surgical healing depends on the individual as there are a host of factors involved. Overall any symptoms of pain, infection, swelling, and bleeding are sgns to watch out for.
At least 2 weeks. Probably 3 weeks provided there is no pain. Skin stiches, if used, can be a liitle rough on your vagina until they fall out or are trimmed at the knot so they don't stick out. Skin edges can separate sex < 2 weeks. Hold off or stop in unlikely event of bleeding. Fortunately penile blood supply is superb so that post-circumcision infections sre an extreme rarity. Good luck.
Answer. Usually the urologist who performed the circumcision will make a recommendation -- you or your boyfriend should call the doctor who performed the procedure for more information.