What is the best way to deal with & communicate with an untreated, & in denial manic-depressive; who is also an alcoholic/drug user/father 2 my kid?

Protect your child. It is difficult to communicate with someone under the influence of drugs/alcohol, especially with a psych disorder. Your primary concern should be for the safety of you child obtaining full custody. Communication may be limited to a mediator such as lawyer or case manager if he is not receptive to you.
Restraining order. You definitely need legal counsel. He needs treatment. Physical abuse is a serious matter and should never be tolerated. Your lawyer can issue a restraining order to protect you and your daughter and then you would be able to call the police if he tries to bother you. In court, they would likely require he get treatment of both alcohol abuse and bipolar disorder to be around either of you.
Agree with input you. have already received. Can't tell from reading this if there is verbal or emotional abuse toward you or your children or if you are all living in one home together with your husband. . It can be very difficult to communicate if one is intoxicated on alcohol & /or drugs. Untreated - unstable bipolar disorder can also make interactions difficult. If living together is too chaotic - it isn't healthy.