What does trigger-release surgery involve & how soon after can the surgical hand be used?

Minimal. This surgery is an outpatient procedure to release a constriction of the sheath around one of the ligaments to a finger. Most people are able to use the hand (finger) within hours - and are able to return to full use within several weeks. Your orthopedic surgeon will review all the precautions and restrictions with you.
Minor procedure. Small incision in distal palm to open the tendon sheath. Hand can be used immediately but sore due to incision for a week or 2.
Minor surgery. Trigger finger release is done through a 1cm incision in the palmar crease. A small slip of tissue over the tendon is incised, releasing the constriction on the swollen part of the tendon. A couple of stitches are placed. The popping goes away immediately, post op restrictions are based only on the 1cm wound and its 2 week healing period.