I breastfed my girl till' she was 2 1/2yrs old. She would live off milk forever if she could. She is so, so picky & will hardly eat anything. Help!?

Stop breast feeding. If your child gets all her calories from breast milk ( which it sounds like she is) she has no need to eat any foods. You need to cut back on liquid calories ie. Breast milk. And certainly by this age she should not need to breast feed.
Normal for age. At age two they love to play than eat . Leave the food on the table during feeding time she will eat when hungry.
Hunger. A 2 1/2 year old is generally incapable of a "hunger strike". If you you wait until they are hungry, they will eat. Be patient , but do not give in.
Declining need. The 2 1/2 yo has dropped their nl growth rate to the 3in+5lb/yr rate from the 10in+14lb/yr that 1st yr.They don't have the need for constant feeds to maintain growth.My expectation is that they eat well 3-5 d/mo and nibble the rest. If you ur still bf or offering milk /it could easily keep her going. Stop the madness & only offer nutritious foods.Missing a few meals is her own choice.