When I go to bathroom to urinate and wipe it's always brownish stuff on papertowel and I have foul smelling discharge. What could it be and what can I do?

Brown Discharge. The brown discharge is probably blood. Many problems can cause unexpected bleeding: cervix bleeding, polyps in cervix or uterus, fibroids, even cancer. The foul smell could indicate infection. Infection can also cause bleeding. I suggest that you get a gynecological exam to look for any serious problems. We have effective treatments but you need a diagnosis. Best wishes.
Vaginal discharge. Sounds likde a vaginal infection to me. See your OB gyn.
Old blood. This is either an infection or if you aren't having periods, then it can be a polyp or a growth. Or, it can also be a prolonged cycle. You need to see an ob-gyn for evaluation.