I have been getting bad headaches throughout my head and behind my eyes. I have been getting them more often recently and sometimes have naseau. ?

Migraine? It could be migraine, especially if there is a history of migraine in the family. There are many causes of headache. Some are serious. My best advice to you is to discuss this new problem with your physician.
Headaches nausea. Your need to see a doctor to find out the cause.It could be migraine. But we need detailed history 1 how often you get the headaches2if it is one sided or both3if bright loght makes it worse and you feel better in dark4 how long it lasts and what relieves it 5 if you had you eyes checked and you wear glasses or contac lens.If you have sinus problems 6 if you get enough sleep and under stress.
Chronic sinusitis. Another possible explanation is chronic sinusitis. Are nasal allergy symptoms or a post nasal discharge present? Agree a physicians evaluation is needed.