Y'all know the cordizolne steroid shots docs give u when u have like bronchitis well I got 5 this year how many is ok? It's Depo-Provera Medrol (methylprednisolone) 20 mg. I thk

Asthma Specialist. If a person needs more than 3 treatments with cortisone-type steroids for asthma-type coughing or wheezing symptoms, he can see an asthma/allergy specialist. These specialists are sometimes lung doctors and sometimes allergy doctors. They can do lung testing and help put the person on preventive medications to try to prevent recurrent illnesses, so fewer treatments of steroids will be needed.
Not clear. I'm not sure there is a magic number but more than once or twice a year is concerning. Maybe you need to talk with your doctor about being on an inhaled steroid.
Cream has sunscsreen. The sun and genetics play big roles in creating wrinkles. Not getting tans and sunburns will make skin last years longer before getting the aged, weathered look. That means a "sexy" tan today will give you those "sexy" wrinkles ten years from today. Avoiding sun overexposure means getting vitamin d from other sources. Genetics plays a role because certain racial groups wrinkle more than others.