I have pain in my testis?

Many possibilities. Teaticular pain can be caused by several things. Less serious is epididymitis, infection, or trauma. More serious is a testicular torsion. Regardless of which, see your doctor to make a firm diagnosis and start a treatment.
Severe, sudden onset. Requires immediate attention to rule out testis torsion because this is an emergency & there is risk of loss. Epididymitis causes inflammation of both epididymis and testicle, onset not sudden but testis very tender & requires antibiotics & should be seen asap, although not severe emergency like torsion. Both best managed by a urologist as are other causes of testicular pain.
? Emergency. If painful, swollen and red or purple in color, you have a true emergency on your hands.Go to er asap ! if just sore, put an icepack on and see your doctor.

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Sir I have a pain in my right testis. The ultrasound report showed me I had a microcalcafication please help me?

Talk to your doctor. It seems you are already being followed by md as ultrasound was requested. The pain gave me the thought of epididymitis and if chronic can cause calcification. There are people who have micro calcification in the testis with different implication. I am not sure of the ultrasound report, so talk to your doctor and have it explained. Good luck. Read more...

I have a mild pain in my left testis. It started a few weeks back during sex when it kinda went up inside my body with like a twist. There's no swelling

?torting a testes? If it happens again put your hand under your scrotum and raise it to your head. If the pain gets better you have a partially twisted testicle and go see a urologist today! Read more...