Will using antiagaing while you are still young help prevent wrinkles?

Anti-age how? There is no magic pill. However, there are ways of slowing all degenerative changes that occur: the skin is the largest organ! skin ages because of loss of elastic tissue (droopy skin), fatty tissue replacing muscle (loss of skin tone), wrinkling from from xs sun exposure and smoking. So: sensible acne rx, hydrate skin, lots of external and internal hydration, limit sun exposure, tone up-&do4life.
Improve lifestyle. In biology there is no aging, just degeneration. Degeneration is lack of or deficiency of something as well as wear and tear. Understanding this means you lead a better lifestyle with low glycemic foods, plant rich foods, no processes foods, minimal sun exposure, minimal drinking, no smoking/drugs, good skin care products and using supplements. Yes aging can be slowed down with lifestyle.
Anti-aging. Aging is caused by degeneration of cells or what is called "apoptosis"(programmed cell death). We do not know what exactly causes it but what has been mentioned by my colleagues definitely accelerates it. When using an anti-aging cream, look at labels. If it contains parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or propylene glycol( to name a few), you will be better off using one without it. Read up on this.