Can I have sex with other partners if I have hpv? Female having sex with other males. What will happen if HPV doesn't clear up in 2 years.

HPV. You can have sex, adviced is to use protection. Also the hardest part, be honest to your partner and tell them the truth.If in 2 years does not clear it means you are harboring the infection. What you should do is get your pap smear as recommended by your gyn. This is one of few screening tests that decreased the incidence of cervical cancer, caused most of the time by hpv infection.
Most do. In the pre-vaccine era blood tests of college age women showed as many as 70% had antibodies to HPV.It is one of the most prevalent & often silent STD's.Condoms can reduce but will not always prevent transfer of the germ. You can shed the germ intermittently for years whether you have signs of it or not.