On the 28 th of January I had sex with my husband he came inside of me now about 430 am I gets cramps at the same time do you think I'm pregnant we've been trying?

Maybe. The only way to know is to check. If you have been trying to conceive, buy a pregnancy kit at the supermarket and test your urine. Good luck. There are apps on the iphone/androids that can track your menstrual cycle and tell you the optimal time to try. I wish you the best.
?pregnant. Not sure the cramps are related to anything - depending when your last period was - it is possible that you are pregnant. Best recommendation would be to do a home pregnancy test - using the first urine of the morning if you are negative but "trying" best recommendation - assuming you are regular with periods - 14 days from the start buy a ovulation predictor kit - if + start having sex.
Cramps. Abdominal cramps can relate to so many medical conditions. One simple thing you can do is get a pregnancy test and check your urine. If is positive you need to see your doctor. If is negative and those cramps keep coming back and bothers you, should see your doctor as well.