If you have a large chest and lost weight would the nipples shrink or stay the same size?

No change. The nipple size is independent of the breast size and will not change with weight loss.
Unclear. The nipples themselves typically do not shrink. The pigmented area around the nipple may appear smaller. With weight loss the breasts do get smaller and this pigmented area may not be spread out so much.
Stay the same. Usually the nipples don't shrink with weight loss.
Nipple size. Nipple size is determined genetically, the breast size will decrease with loosing weight, the size of the nipple highly unlikely to change.
Unpredictable. It is likely that the nipples and areolae would shrink a small amount with significant weight loss, but it is impossible to predict.
No change. Usually lost of breast volume with weight loss does not affect nipple size. Should stay about the same.
Usually same. The nipple areolar area is associated with the glandulr/duct tissues which are not much influenced by weight loss.
Very Lijkely. If the breasts decrease in size, it is quite likely that the areolae will shrink in size. We see ths commonly with breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery.