If smoking in a car with a child in the front next to you can you makd them ill and a risk of them dying?

Yes and No. Smoking in a car, next to a child, can make a child ill in several ways: eye irritant/allergic symptoms, nose irritant/allergic symptoms, ear infections, middle ear fluid (temporarily dulls hearing), throat irritation/pain, lung asthma (decreases exercise abilities and prolongs colds and flus), etc... The risk of the child dying from second hand smoke is small, but why take any risk at all?
Yes. Second hand smoke causes all sorts of lung disease, and children are even more susceptible. These risks include asthma, bronchitis, and cancer among others. It is not not advisable to expose any children to second hand smoke at any level, especially in the close quarters of a car.
Smoking hurts kids. Yes, you can make a child sick by smoking near them in a car or elsewhere. This could trigger serious pulmonary problems and even lead to lung cancer. So, yes a child's life is at risk from smokers!