I have sleep apnea. Cpap reduced ahi to below 1. Still tired. What tests rec. Before stimulating meds? Any stimulants not raise bp? Hard to focus@work

A few rule out tests. I would suggest keeping a sleep diary of how much sleep you get for 2 weeks, repeating the sleep study with your CPAP on then performing a mwt (maintenance of wakefulness test). This will determine if you're getting enough quantity of sleep. You should also have blood work done that rules out hypothyroidism, anemia, kidney or liver disease. Consult with your doctor and sleep specialist.
Sleep Apnea. I can say i had a family member who had sleep apnea. His weight was the main cause of the problem and he had the gastric sleeve and lost about 200 lbs. This cured his sleep apnea and gave him more energy than he has had in a long time. His blood pressure is now normal. I don't know your weight because apnea can be in normal weight patients but if you are over weight, this may give you hope.