What new treatments are there for multiple sclerosis?

Define new... First line therapies include: -interferon beta-1a (avonex) im once a week. -interferon beta-1a (rebif) sc three times a week. -interferon beta-1b (betaseron, extavia) sc every other day. -glatiramer acetate sc (copaxone) sc daily. Second line therapies include: -mitoxantrone (novantrone) IV q3months. -natalizumab (tysabri) IV q4weeks. -fingolimod (gilenya) PO daily.
Several. The latest is the Copaxone 40mg thrice weekly injection, and prior to that was Tecfidera. Lemtrada may be approved as of later this year, and Plegridy, a less frequent Avonex (interferon beta 1a) is due perhaps in next few months.
MS. Multiple sclerosis treatments depend on the severity. Medication often works for mild ms. Severe MS can be rapidly progressive, and many types have been tried including medications, brain stimulation, and plasmapheresis. Alternative treatments include exercise, massage, diet, herbal remedies, massage, accuncture, and aromatherapy. Use what alternatives help, and use meds based on your disease.

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What are promising new treatments for multiple sclerosis?

Many. We have 12 drugs approved to treat MS, and more on the way. The newest are Tecfidera, Plegridy, and the most potent drug of all, Lemtrada. Coming are newer mono-clonal antibodies, a drug to restore myelin damage, and even some treatment for the progressive forms.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis is for life or temporary taking s.c injection of betaferon?

Need chronically. Some advice, there are pills available, but where you live, might be tough to get. Nonetheless, do not miss your injections, and add Vitamin D-3 about 5000-10000 units per day. We do not have a clear idea when to stop the MS meds, and in those older patients who I have stopped, a few have had relapses. Stay tuned, drugs to be used differently are on the horizon. (even Lemtrada)

What is the treatment for multiple sclerosis?

Getting exciting. Original meds included self-injectables, such as betaseron, avonex, compaxone, and rebith. Later, tysabri (natalizumab) infusions, and 2 oral meds, Gilenya and aubagio. We now know that vitamin d supplements provide added benefit. No one med fits all, but most effective drugs currently are Gilenya and tysabri (natalizumab), and these work best of the current crop.

What is the best treatment for multiple sclerosis?

No unique answer. MS has many forms, many phases, individuals respond in all sorts of different and at times unpredictable ways so there is no BEST drug to tell you about. Latest research suggests the use of interferons and immunomodulating drugs is what best manages this disease. Unfortunately, there are plenty of problems with that approach but your doctor will discuss all the options with you.

Are there any natural treatments for multiple sclerosis?

Not really. It might be a fond hope to find such, but, if one has ms, treatment with disease modifying items is very important, and, in most cases, the most potent drugs are best. You can improve outcomes with supplements of vitamin d-3, perhaps b complex, low fat diet, exercise, and stress management, but these approaches do not replace the medicines.

Is there any permanent treatment for multiple sclerosis??

All are permanent. All treatments for MS are not curative, in order to stop or slow down the progression of the disease, you have to take them indefnitely. I hope this answers your question, not sure what you mean by permanent. If you mean that the treatments "permanently" stop progression, only possibly if you keep using them. I like tysabri (natalizumab) despite the side effects. I see MS lesions literally disappear.
Many options. Currently, 13 different disease modifying agents on US market, and most patients find the oral meds, in absence of needles to be the most comfortable long-range option. Interferons are less used by MS specialists, and more patients are starting on Gilenya or Tysabri, (natalizumab) but those who have issues with the former, might consider Aubagio or Tecfidera. The most potent med is Lemtrada, but is risky.

What are the causes, effects, treatment of multiple sclerosis?

Complex. We do not know the exact cause of this autoimmune disease that attacks brain and spinal cord, but do find that both heredity and environment play roles in susceptibility. We are gaining new medicines which are far more potent (altho maybe risky), which can control the disease far better. The most potent available include tysabri (natalizumab) and gilenya. No cure yet, but stay tuned, it is close.

In simple terms can anyone tell me what is the best treatment for multiple sclerosis?

My opinion. For what it's worth, each ms patient is unique and not all meds fit each person. Yet, you want a potent effective medicine, and nowadays we have lots of choices. Must consider risks and side effects. Most effective meds in descending order would be tysabri, (natalizumab) gilenya, tecfidera, rebif, betaseron, aubagio, copaxone, and lastly avonex. No perfect med exists commercially..