Is it possible for yeast infection to last for several months if not treated?

Yes! Here's the bigger question. Why are your yeast infections lasting so long? Or do you get them frequently? If your body is "friendly to yeast, " then it would be good to figure out why. Check out how strong is your body's immunity [diabetes, hiv, other causes]. Eating right? Exercising? Getting rest? Talk with your doc.

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Treated yeast infection with off brand cream 4 wks ago, symptoms returned last week is it possible cream wasnt effective. I'm positive its yi?

The only option. The only option you have is to treat again. I would just recommend you use a different product. If this does not solve the problem you must go to the doctor for examination and diagnosis.

I had a DX ofBV last month and treated with antibiotic gel and then a single pill for Yeast infection as aside effect. The symptoms are returng. Hel?

Yeast and BV. Which symptoms are returning? Both of these conditions are prone to recurrences, particularly if your sexual partner is not treated simultaneously. Although not considered STDs, you can become recolonized with the same organisms that have become resident on the skin of his penis. Sometimes treating you both at the same time is effective. Best wishes.

I am believed to havea penile yeast infection. I've treated with Fluconazole and monstat 7. How long should it last? I've treated it with medication for 3 days and creme for 6 days.

Maybe not yeast. Persistence after these treatments suggests the problem may not be yeast; or a yeast infection resistant to the "azole" drugs. Often the diagnosis of a genital yeast or fungal infection is an educated guess by the doctor. Best to contact the doctor's office for advice about next steps -- which might include referral to a dermatologist. Good luck!

I think I had a yeast infection which I treated w Monistat for a wk. No itching. How long do vaginal bumps and engorement last after yeast infections?

3-7 days. Monistat is pretty ineffective monistat may cause allergic reaction treatment with a tablet is easier, less chance of local irritation and works better.

How long should I expect a yeast infection to last? Is it sexually transmitted?

No STD. Yeast infections in females are typically not considered sexually transmitted, although a ping-pong effect between partners may promote recurrent yeast infections. Most yeast infections, when treated, disappear within 24 hours. However, it depends on the strain of the yeast, and certain strains of yeast can be stubborn to treat.