Good morning to all doctors in the house please what is the treatment for low sperm count, thanks?

Low Sperm Count. The first step is make sure lifestyle, nutrition, medications and other factors that might interfere with normal reproductive health are optimized. Rarely, low sperm count is due to hormonal problems that can interfere with normal sperm production. If testosterone is low and FSH are low, then hormonal stimulation with letrozole, Clomid (clomiphene) or injectable HCG may help. See a fertility trained urologist.
Low sperm count. Treatment depends. If you have medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid disease, make sure this conditions are really well controlled. Exercise, healthy diet, avoid cycling a lot. Sauna, bathtubs with hot water. Relaxation and meditation can decrease the stress that lowers sperm count. Also there are very simple procedures that can collect the healthy sperms and inject them in uterus increasing chances.