At about 4 in the morning I have crippling cramps all up my legs, so I walk on the side of my foot with my toes locked up. Could I be a diabetic male at age 20?

Nocturnal leg cramps. Sounds as if you are having nocturnal leg cramps and they can be very painful. There are many causes including nutritional, excess physical activity, mineral imbalance, medication side effects etc. You need to talk to your doctor if they continue. Mean while try taking tablets of calcium/magnesium/zinc twice per day and be sure your are following a healthy lifestyle. Do not smoke or drug use.
You need to have. Your circulation evaluated to ensure good blood flow. You may have a vitamin deficiency. Either way, "crippling" anything requires an evaluation by a doctor - go see one for further work up.
Hyperglycemia. Leg cramps in a diabetic can be due to poor control of blood glucose. Check you before bed glucose levels, if more than 180 you need more aggressive diabetes control.
Cramping. As these answers show , you may have a multi part problem at hand . Start with your vascular doc as this is the most important thing to check .