Balls of feet sore in the morning?

METATARSALGIA. Pain in the balls of the feet is common (it's called metatarsalgia). You best bet is to get a pair of good orthotics to put in your shoes. Orthotics can be custom made or can be found over-the-counter. Remember: buy them in pairs. You have to treat both feet.
Forefoot pain. There are a few common reasons for this to occur... It can be narrowed down by presence of acute injury occurring (vs. Gradual onset), activity level, and physical exam. It is usually treated successfully through conservative office treatments, which may include anti-inflammatory injection or pills, physical therapy, or offloading (orthotics, padding)- all depending on exactly where the pain is.
Balls of feet sore. As already stated , this is generally called metatarsalgia. Sometimes it is caused by splinting off of another problem - such as a fractured sesamoid , a neuroma , or even bunion pain . All of the above answers are correct , but it is best to seek the help of a podiatrist for an evaluation and x rays .
Morning soreness. Marc: sore feet first thing in the morning could be a number of things - plantar fasciitis, sesamoiditis, being the most likely culprits. Get to a podiatrist soon before the condition gets worse.