What does a high nuetraphil and low lymphocyte count mean?

Both white bld cells. Blood is made up of red blood cells (too few=anemia), platelets (important in clotting) and white blood cells. Normal WBC count is 4-10, 000. Most wbc's are either neutrophils (60-70%) or lymphocytes (30-40%). High neutrophils count (and thus lower lymphocytes) often means a bacterial infection. High lymphocyte ct may mean virus infection. These, of course, are only generalities.
Maybe nothing. Additional info is needed to comment on a low neutrophil and lymphocyte count. How low? Are the monocytes, eosinophils, or basophils elevated? What is the total white blood cell count? Is any other part of the blood test abnormal? How does the patient feel? Any recent illnesses? A doctor will need these answers to comment on your question.