What other blood tests are recommended if cbc, cmp, and TSH are not remarkable? Symptoms include fatigue and irritability, esp. After exercise?

Depression Screening. If those tests are normal and you do not have any other symptoms than what you have listed you should be screened for depression.
There are more tests. I recommend getting a testosterone level checked, as well as a cardiogram-aka:ekg. You should also have your blood pressure and blood sugar checked after exercise.

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Is my psychiatrist in the position to demand a blood panel 9? And would the drug appear in urine test or blood test she wrote CBC deff/tsh cmp uds 9

Yes, she can. As a physician like any other, your psychiatrist has responsibilities for monitoring parameters of your health -- like these lab results. It appears she wants to check your basic blood and metabolic panels, plus thyroid stimulating hormone. She has also ordered a urine drug screen (uds). Drugs you're using will show in the latter test. Read more...
Lab work. The doctor ordered CBC with differential (which is blood cells count with count of different cell classes) TSH (which is thyroid stimulating hormone) cmp (which is comprehensive metabolic panel) uds 9 (which is urine drug screen 9-drug panel). All those are routine orders and any psychiatrist would need to know the results to properly assess a patient. There is no reason to suspect of your doctor. Read more...