I'm constantly tired all of the time is there any medicines or vitamins that can give me energy?

Possibly... Ongoing fatigue can be a symptom of a number of different issues, and so the first thing you would want to do is make an appointment with your physician for some bloodwork (cbc, metabolic panels, etc) and a possible sleep study to make sure there is not a physical reason for the fatigue. If all is ok, regular exercise, nutrition, and healthy sleep habits will be more helpful than meds.
Tired. Before embarking on medicine or vitamins analyze your sleeping schedule. You should be getting 8-10 hours of sleep at night. If not, have a quiet hour before going to bed.Turn off all electronic devices, listen to soft music, take a warm bath and read a relaxing novel. You should also schedule an appointment with your doctor to make sure you are not anemic or hypothyroid.