I take 15 to 20 tramadal a day, should I be concerned with the quantity consumed?

Yes. Tramadol 50mg - should not take more than 6pills per day. Need to reevaluate you med regiment, review you case, reexamine. Treating chronic pain is challenging . Do not stop it suddenly, it needs to be tappered to avoid withdrawals.
Tramadol. That is too much tramadol! the maximum should be two 50 milligram pills every 4 hours, or 12 in a day. I would talk to your doctor and work together to find a safer pain relief plan.
Too many. The recommended dosage is 8 tablets of 50mg each in a 24 hours...You are doing more than double...Seek some help and figure why you are using so many.
400 mg limit. I think even 12 is too much. I would limit it to 8 per day maximum. (400 mg).
YES! No matter what anyone may tell you, tramadol (ultram) can absolutely be addictive! if you are taking 15 to 20 a day, i guarantee your use has gotten beyond your control, mostly to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. The max dose by the manufacturer is 400mg total a day (increased risks of seizure >400mg). At 50mg each, you have obviously gone beyond this. Please notify your doctor to get help asap!
Yes! As with all pain medications, it is very important to take them as directed. While tramadol contains no acetaminophen, the most serious side effect with exceeding the directed amount is seizures. The maximum dose of tramadol is two 50 milligram tablets every 6 hours. The maximum total of pills is 8 in 24 hours. If the maximum dose is not effective, please see your doctor.