Why does my upper right eyebrow twitch? :/ this morning I woke up with my upper right eyebrow twitching and it's been doing so off and on, why?

Multifactorial. Hi dale, there are multiple reasons of why this can be happening. It could be for simple reasons like, lack of sleep, stress, caffeine etc. Or it could be a condition called blepahrospasm. In order to correctly address your symptoms my advise to you would be to see an opthalmology/ oculopasltics/ or neuro-ophthalmology. Hope this information helps.
Muscle spasm. What you describe sounds like a common condition called orbicularis oculi myokymia. It's a type of spasm in muscles around the eye. It tends to present in times of stress. It can cause the vision in that eye to vibrate, as well. If symptoms are severe or not resolving over time, you should see an ophthalmologist.