My blood pressure is 141/66. Is this ok?

Little high. Normal BP is 130/80, high 140/90. In between is high normal. Lifestyle changes including exercise, salt restriction dash diet should help.
Ehhh. You need to check a few readings at different times of day to get more accurate picture. As provided, >140 systolic could be pre-hypertension (or considered HTN if diabetic, heart disease, etc.). The diastolic of 66 is very good (<85). Make a list of 5-10 values across day and week and discuss with your primary dr.
Likely not. First, you would have to make sure that you have taken your pressure correctly. Blood pressure for a healthy adult is typically considered to be normal when below 120/80. Your reading, if taken correctly, would be considered high. It would be recommended that you see a physician to recheck.